Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Art of being stable minded

I came across a site named Advantage Business Quotes, which can prove to be beneficial for small and medium level businesses. Basically it provides insurance coverage by providing plans and access to various corporate entities.

In today’s society , many dishonest entities have cropped up, which intend to dupe the companies that are working for them, for no reason or frivolous reason. Small and mid level companies are primary targets. Customer satisfaction has reached a very high level, considering the tough competition among corporates. In such a scenario, insurance coverage is a must. I like the simple working of this site. In order to wok with this site, you only have to fill a simple form. According to the data supplied to them, this site will link us to the concerned companies which will contact us and provide their quotes. We can select the best quotes. This site also provides insurance for the top level management.

I especially like their policy which deals with lowering the rates. This site provides substantial advice on lowering the cost of the premium, that is paid by the company. I also liked their policies which deals with dealing with liability. It gives sound advice on how to maintain balance between disaster management and being cost efficient.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Look of the year, a must see for all the style freaks

I came across a site named Look of the year, which is an interesting site. It is a must see, for all those who wish to have a career in modeling. This unique site is a web based Beauty contest. To join this site, simply register with them. Your photo will be posted on the site home page, and web surfers will vote for you when they come across your profile. Needless to say, the person who receives maximum number of votes, shall be deemed a winner.

Anybody and Everybody can join;location and ethnicity, is not a barrier. If you are Beautiful and have the looks and the personality, you have a strong chance of winning this competition.

This site gives an opportunity to Young and aspirant Models to showcase their talent. Just think! Even if you don't win, your talent is bound to be recognized by some modeling agency. You might just land up as a model, and would have a chance to work with top designers in various fashion capitals(Paris, New York, Milan). I highly recommend this site, to anybody, who think , he/she has got the looks and the persona to be a Model.

Information link

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hotels in Europe: an artisitic creation

Europe is a very beautiful place; the cities of Europe, exude beauty, grace and charm. The hotels of Europe share the qualities of their cities. The hotels are of superior quality and highly reasonable in their pricing.

Let us start by talking about Dublin. It is the largest and the capital city of Ireland. Dublin has a vibrant nightlife and one of the most youngest cities of Europe. Dublin Hotels guaranty leisure and good service. Hotels of all statures are available with the lowest fares being $28 for ordinary lodges to $370 for 5 star accommodation.

Next comes Paris. Paris, is the capital city of France and situated on the Seine river in Northern France. Paris, as we all know is famous for its Eiffel Tower. Along with being the fashion hub of Europe, it is the site for one of the greatest architecture the world has seen. Paris Hotels are works of art themselves. Prices for Paris hotels start at $46. Even 4 star hotels, which are highly pleasurable start their rates at $127.

Next comes Barcelona. Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain. Barcelona is famous for its beautiful parks and sunny beaches. The pricing of Barcelona Hotels is one of the most reasonable among European cities. Ordinary hotels began their pricing at a very low $24. 4 star and 5 star accommodation are available at $86 and $141 only.

Finally, we shall talk about Rome. Rome is Italy's most largest and Europe's most popular city. As we all know Rome was the center of one of the greatest empires this world has seen. Rome still retains its greatness in terms of language, culture, architecture and artistic skills. Prices of Roman Hotels is a bit expensive than the rest but still quiet reasonable. Ordinary lodging is available at $50, while 5 star accommodation is available at roughly $250.

All hotels are top class in terms of service, quality of food and hospitality. Staying at these hotels is an enriching experience.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

For all those dudes, who lack in academics!!

For people like me who lack in academics, I have written a poem :-

An average boy, named Chetan has prepared his CV. He compares his CV with his fellow classmates and discovers that he is way behind in terms of academics, training and co-curricular activities. This is how he feels :-

Seeing the White Devil,
I scorn my fellow mates,
The green snake of envy instigates me,
My mind dims with frustration,
I say "Let them make merry in Hell";
"As If I care",
The arrow of scorn inverts and points toward me,
The warrior of impartiality thrusts the arrow in my torso,

Chetan realizes that he alone is responsible for his shortcomings; because of his lack of hard work and idiocy(idiot nature), he has been put much behind in the race.

The poison of realization flows within me,
"Remember those days when you were idling before the TV";
"Remember those days when you were spending precious currency of time before the computer";
"Remember those days when you kicked your friends of knowledge and thrusted them in the cupboard",
You paid for your incompetency,
The "lazy" Devil who befriended you now mocks you,

He realizes what he should do.

I purged myself,
Decided to have an alliance with my real friends,
My brothers(books) welcomed me with open arms,
The maiden of hardwork enlightened me,
My resolute is unlimited,
In front of my eyes,
The curtain of future unrolled,
My potential broke the sky.

by Chetan M