Monday, May 19, 2008

Need help in Trade Shows!

I came across a great site, named Camelback Displays which sells trade show booths, which is used for exhibition during trade shows. Their coverage in terms of products, is astounding; they sell custom printed table skirts, banner stands, Pipe and Drape etc. Extra components are provided upon request, such as directors chairs, literature Holders, light boxes ect. Custom design products are also available. I like their service policies, which include "free shipping" and "same day shipping" facilities. The cost of their products seem reasonable.

This is a great site for artistic people, who tend to work away from convention and want to add a touch of art to their setup. They help in every department, right from desiging the booth to delivering it. They aid in graphics, presentation, luminious colour display, setting up "state of the art" flooring and various other activities. Example- When I visited their banner stands section, I was highly impressed by the range they have got. They have got all types of stands, and they also help in making custom designed banner stands. They can set up any stand within a minute.

Example- I visited their table skirts section and was highly impressed by their designs; from the simple design to the most ultra modern design, they have got it all. You can have your logo and captions printed on the table skirt. I visited their Pipe and Drape section; Pipe and Drape is a must for making the booths used at trade shows. I conclude that these people are highly systematic in their approach, along with screen shots of various setup, they have also enlisted the price of the components in a tabular manner.

Anyone who has a trade show coming up in the near future, should visit this site.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lonely Dreamer

A man is sitting alone in an outdoor gathering, with a coffee mug in his hand. He is very reserved by nature, and does not have any friends. He is feeling lonely and his shallow mood is further aggravated, when he sees that all around him people are chatting and making merry.

He sat alone in a crowd of blabbers,
Getting disturbed by their wagging tongue,
He falls asleep in the mist of chatters,
Awaking in a world where his glory is sung.

He sat in a golden throne ,
Wearing a silver crown with gems galore,
Being the Lord and Supreme commander there is nothing for him to moan.

He is the Master of all he surveys,
He says "I am unto Everybody, Nobody is to Me",
Summoning the sorcerer, who has a bald head and tacky ways,
He shouts "I am deeply affected by the constant quiver of words thrown by my subjects, I want you to shut thee",
He commands "Formulate a spell which will clam their lips and shut their brays",

The sorcerer replies,
"O Great Emperor, Your Majesty is unparallel",
"I shall make an enchanted bubble which will mute your subjects",
"The bubble will bulge in proportions until it is maximal in size",
"Then it will burst and your wish will be fullfilled".

The bubble grows big, bigger, bigger, BIGGER....................,
And then, it burst with a "BANG",
Stumbling him into the world of reality,
He opens his eyes in a FLASH, and spills coffee allover his face,
All his "subjects" converge their gaze upon him,
Laughing their hearts out and fullfilling his dream.

by Chetan M

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Art of Comfortable Shopping

I came across a great site, which I want to share with you. The site, named Shopwiki, is a huge database of online shops. What I like about this site, is their coverage; this site virtually connects to all online shops on the internet by means of a powerful search engine. We can compare the prices of a product in various shops and hope to get the best deal, also we would have better exposure and a lot more variey to choose from. The range of products available is excellent.

Example:- When I searched for "Desktop Computers" on this site, I came across a page which gave exhaustive information on all types of desktop computers including pros and cons for each type of product. I came to know about some amazing products and utilities. The specific products are displayed in a systematic tabular manner for easy browsing; the prices of each product is shown and the "number of stores" the product is available in is also shown. Features such as "colour coding" and narrowing the search by mensioning the price range is also is available.

Example- For people who are interested in Jewelry Making, Shopwiki offers various products. I especially liked their beading kit. Shopwiki offers useful tips on how to go about bead making. I also liked their Glass Art section, in which information about various tools and kit are provided.

Do visit this site, I am sure you will enjoy browing through it.