Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Favourite Character

My favourite animated character is Eric Theodore Cartman from the South Park series, now what do I like about this fat little ba***a*d. He is a bigot; now that is not saying much, he is a racist, egomaniac, self centered fat piece of crap. Now come to think of it, it is his negative qualities that make him so likeable. Voiced by Trey Parker, his acts are funny as hell. Being the antagonist, he does have some good qualities, he is a proactive person and a great strateigist, it is Cartman who usually makes the complicated plans, and he always carries out his plans with utmost dedication. This choice piece of a**, has some great catch lines. "Respect mah Authoritah", "Screw you guys, I?m going home", and "Im gonna kick you square in the nuts" are the ones he frequently uses.

The quality which I respect most is that he is crazy and immature and he remains crazy and immature throughout the South park series, this fatty hates hippies and will do anything to wipe them off the face of the planet. I salute this chubby dude and may he continue to make us laugh with his hillarious buffoonery.

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